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Smart Lectern Dept.

In 2019, THINKSO collaborated with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology to develop a digital lectern. Since then, we have continued to invest in the research and development of the whole lectern systems, gradually gaining recognition and adoption by various universities. With a commitment to complete in-house design and production in Taiwan, we ensure the quality of craftsmanship. Being well-versed in the principles of “Design Thinking,” THINKSO places great emphasis on the user experience, whether it's the aesthetics, user interface, or ergonomic factors. This dedication has earned us a prominent position in the market and the reputation of being a premium brand in the realm of digital lecterns.

Sheet Metal Design Dept.

THINKSO is an industrial design company specializing in the design of sheet metal casings. By gathering experts in industrial design and sheet metal engineering, we are a rare company in the design industry that possesses these expertise at the same time. With full control over the design and construction process, including sheet metal fabrication, we can accurately and cost-effectively bring even the most unique and challenging designs to life. We assist clients in planning feasible mass production solutions, implementing full product ranges, and establishing brand recognition. Over the years, we have served numerous clients across various industries, including general machining, lathes, food processing, packaging, medical equipment, electronics, and semiconductors, among others.

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